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On July 1, 2015, I joined the faculty of the Department of African American Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. My book, Becoming Black Political Subjects: Movements and Ethno-Racial Rights in Colombia and Brazil, will be published with Princeton University Press in Spring of 2016. It examines the shift from colorblind state discourses to the adoption of ethno-racial policies in Colombia and Brazil in the 1990s, as well as the impact this shift has had on political institutions and broader socio-cultural change in these countries. My published work can be found under "Publications" as well online through the American Journal of Sociology, the Dubois Review and SOULS: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society and Ethnic and Racial Studies.

More broadly, my research interests are in the fields of race and ethnicity, politics and development and globalization and 
I am the recipient of fellowships from the Fulbright, Mellon and Ford foundations. I am currently working on several new research projects including one tentatively titled, Exporting Racial Paradise. With it, I aim to better understand the circulation of ideas about race and the Brazilian nation on the global stage and over time. More specifically, I will examine the role of diplomats, foreign academics and journalists, transnational activists, tourist agencies and Brazilian as couriers of Brazil’s nationalist narratives in different historical periods. 
The second book project will analyze feminist practices and the contestation of gendered spaces within black movements in Latin American countries. It will focus on a number of specific cases of black women’s organizations emerging in the later part of the 20th century throughout the region.

Find my curriculum vitae here

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Tianna Paschel
University of California - Berkeley
Department of African American Studies
670 Barrows Hall 

Berkeley, CA 94720 


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